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Department one's duty name tel business
production part head of department Du Yong Park +82-31-534-3333 (extension:501) tube production
research center / F.A business center Director / chief Technical officer Deuk Jin Oh +82-31-533-7666 (direct)
+82-31-534-3333 (extension :600)
research & Developmentof avtomation machines overseas tube sales and technical support production line and business technology for domestic &oversea
business department director Sung Gu Back +82-31-534-3333 (extension :301) domestic tube business
trade department director Il Suk Kang +82-31-534-3333 (extension :400) tube trade for oversea
development part director Tae Hyung Go +82-31-534-3333 (extension :555) administrative duties with tube
Jin SU Kim +82-31-534-3333 (extension :136) related engineering functions with tube
material handling department head Gwang Hyun An +82-31-534-3333 (extension :499) release tube QC
buying materials part
plan part director Jong Yub Choi +82-31-534-3333 (extension :500) plan
general affairs part director Nak Jin Lee +82-31-534-3333 (extension :200) human resources , general affairs , finance, accountancy